8 things you probably didn’t know you could do with google…

Over the years, Google has grown in to a very useful tool for users across the board. From helping us manage weight to easing complex applications, the search engine has become a practical part of our lives. Figures show that Google processes over 3.5 million searches a day, which translates to 1.2 trillion searches around the world in a year. While most people understand the basic operation of the site, there are numerous hacks that some of us are not familiar with-at least not yet.

Here is a look at some Google hacks that will definitely change your life for the better.

  1. Accessing blocked sites

Your school, college or company may block access to some sites for various reasons. However, there are times when you really need to make use of such websites to check facts or identify aspects of any project you might be working on. Google Translate comes in handy here. All you need to do is copy the relevant URL on to the translate panel and change the default language to any choice. After the page loads, you can always translate it back to English.

  1. Setting your timer

Whenever you are working on something sensitive, you always want to know that you are well within the allotted time. If you are working on your machine, you do not need to find a manual timer in order to stay in line with an ultimatum. You can simply open a page on Google and set a countdown of your choice. Once you do that, Google starts ticking away and only stops when the set time elapses. For instance, if you want to monitor a process that takes 50 minutes, you can simply type in “set timer 50 minutes” (with the quotes).The engine allows you to decide on a time allowance of your choice.

  1. Staying up to speed with time zones around the world

Most people working online find themselves engaging with foreigners with whom they do not share a time zone. For example, Forex traders are always dealing with organizations from all around. Web designers are constantly building and maintaining sites for clients who might be hours ahead. If you fall under any of these categories, you might want to know the time at the other end before shooting off that email, as you do not want to bother someone at 1 in the morning. Simply go on Google and type ‘time’ followed by the region or country involved. For example, ‘time U.S.A’ will bring you a barrage of results covering all states. If you are looking for something more specific, put down an exact place as opposed to a general region.

  1. Making calculations

Forgetting calculators at home or in the office kicks of a wave of panic among many of us. Thanks to Google, you actually carry out all the math and physics you want on your computer. Go to Google and enter your figures in the search bar, and your results will come in an instant. Google is handy when it comes to simple math. It is also appropriate when you are trying to find solutions to complex problems which constitute of formulae and advanced constants. Those trying to make unit conversions can do so with the help of Google capabilities. Say, you want to convert dollars to sterling pounds. Type in something like ’20 USD to GBP’. If you are trying to convert different units of mass, you can use terms such as ’50 kilograms in pounds’.

  1. Accessing flight schedules

Many people have found themselves at the wrong side of flight schedules because of confusion about arrival and departure times. You do not want to go to the airport and wait hours on end for your flight. You also do not want to get there at the exact time your plane is taxiing on the runway in preparation for takeoff. Go on Google and type in the flight number and the company. The results will tell you where that exact plane is, when it is going to depart or arrive, and what precise time it is expected to call in at the airport.

  1. Acquiring time-based results

Google is known to filter results in terms of time, but that is not enough for those looking for information uploaded in the last several minutes. If you are accessing a complex site with a lot of information, you can tailor your results, restricting the feedback to a specific time frame . All you need to do is add ‘&tbs=qdr’(without the quotes) at the end of the URL ,followed by a specified frame of time. For example, results of the last 5 minutes will show if your specification is &tbs=qdr:n5, where N stands for time in minutes. H will stand for hours and S will stand for seconds. If you want to go back in time, you can simply use terms like ‘Google in 2007’ and time-based results going back to the period of your choice will show up.

  1. Weight watching

Keeping tabs on what you eat is an important aspect of weight watching. At times, you simply do not know the calorie composition of what you are eating because there are no easy ways of getting the right figures. With Google, you can compare the compositions of different foods before taking them to make sure that you are in line with the dictates of your current weight loss regime. Typing in ‘pizza vs. fried chicken’, for instance, brings you a side-by side comparison of the nutritional components of the two, including comparative calories and ingredients.

  1. Weather forecasting

Not sure what to wear or whether you are supposed to carry an umbrella to work? Google can decide that for you. Head over to the site and type in your region, followed by the word ‘forecast’ and all the weather details for that particular day will show up. An example would be ‘New York forecast’.

Google makes life a lot simpler for most of us. Whether you are trying to get in touch with others in foreign countries or are fixing to travel without hitches, the search engine usually has an answer. The best part is that no one has to be a computer guru to learn most Google hacks.

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