How you can get more customers with micro-moments

Smartphones have changed how we live, and are changing how businesses interact with their customers. More Google searches are taking place on smartphones devices than on computers globally. The proliferation of smartphones means that customers have the power to address their needs and wants fast and on the go. Google calls these instances micro-moments, when customers reach for their smartphones to buy, watch, search, or locate something. These micro-moments are categorized as I-want-to-know moments, I-want-to-go moments, I-want-to-do moments and I-want-to-buy moments. More and more business are taking advantage of micro-moments and for good reasons. We have rounded up a few tips on to get customers with micro-moments.

Good customer experience

Customers interact with your brand simply because they are looking for something. For instance, if you are a carrier, your customers might need to travel abroad and look to have an efficient, flexible and comfortable travel experience. The key to mobile success lies in understanding what the customers are looking for. Brands must attain an in-depth knowledge of what the consumers want and need inside of the micro-moments they have identified. As consumers move from one micro-moment to the next, they expect everything to connect fast and seamlessly.

Always be where the action is

Today’ consumer has more power than ever, thanks to social networking sites, a proliferation of choices and an easy on-line comparison-shopping. As a result they are not brand loyal. According to research, more than 90 percent of consumers are not looking for a specific brand, they’re searching for a specific product, which you may also have. Most of them end up buying from a brand other than the one they had earlier planned to because the other company gave the required information when they needed it. This simply means that showing up not only gets you seen, but also gets you picked.

Provide useful information

We all know that just showing up where the action is won’t make a big difference. A majority of customers who purchase from brands different from the one they initially intended to simply do so because the other brand provided useful and relevant information when they needed it. In some cases, being there but not being useful to the consumer can negatively affect your brand’s reputation. Don’t just be with the consumer when he is ready to make a purchase. Be with them at all stages of their purchase, and this includes four key micro-moments — the research phase, the consideration phase, trial phase and the conversion phase.

Be the first one to act

With more choices than ever before in terms of location, price and personalisation, customers are best placed to purchase products within seconds. So, they need immediate access to what they are looking for. In that case, you need to provide useful and relevant information whenever the customer needs it. Delay in providing the required information or creating long and boring steps to access it can result in consumer switching to other brands. In order to be fast at every micro-moment, be sure to remove unnecessary steps, anticipate needs and increase your loading speed.

Understand search data

By gathering meaningful information from your users, you will create the foundation for any effective strategy. While you may not be able to keep track of ROI for each micro-moment directly, there are countless ways to make your anonymous users addressable. The secret lies in having useful and relevant content ready across all touch points. According to Google, 66 percent of smartphone users look for products they saw on TV ads with their phones. Data-driven, omnichannel marketing strategy provides a ton of innovative products and features to help you track online behaviors and gather important information.

Provide users with guidance

Consumers need experiences that address their unique needs in real-time, particularly when it comes to getting the best out of products and services they already own. The real-life impact is big because more than half of smartphone users are likely to tackle an unforeseen problem or start a new task because they feel more empowered by their mobile devices. While written tutorials are an excellent way to boost content marketing ROI, videos are the best. “How-to” contents are the most watched videos on YouTube, with over 100 million hours having already been watched this year.

Conduct consumer survey

Sometimes you just need to ask customers what they are searching for and why. With the right approach, you can unearth useful micro-moment insights. Like with online surveys, you can benefit by having face-to-face conversations with consumers—especially when they are using their smartphones—to learn what they were looking for in those moments, whether or not they were satisfied with the results they received and what step they took thereafter. The objective is to create an effective engagement framework to improve your consumer’s journey, at the moment and as times and customer behaviors shift.

Be flexible always

The nature of micro-moments requires marketers to be flexible about how, when and where brands appear for consumers. One of the easiest ways to get more customers with micro-moments is doubling down on those contents with great performance. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or a blog post that is beating the rest, you are one step ahead. Smart social managers know that these posts make a huge impact on where their readers go looking for answers next time.

Optimise across all channels

If you have only optimised one part of your journey, you are losing out to your competitors. People move flawlessly across channels and so you need to meet customer needs based upon their online behaviors. Start by finding out where to show up and how to be valuable in everyday moments. Examine existing customer journey information from campaigns, research studies and journey maps. Design meaningful, useful and pleasant mobile-first experiences within all the four types of micro-moments. Moreover, figure out where you have been missing opportunities for interaction, and prioritize those efforts to maximize conversions.

There you have it, tips on how you can get customers with micro-moments. As you start to identify opportunities for getting more customers with micro-moments, you need to be clear with yourself about how to prioritize each of the four moments you wish to be in.

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