Why Investing in UX will Improve your Conversions

User experience (UX) refers to the experience that users get when they interact with a business online through its website. Basically, user experience entails everything that the visitors (users) to your website will see and hear. It also includes the emotional reaction they get when they interact with your website – happy, satisfied, frustrated, etc.

User experience is an important aspect of a website, and many huge brands have been spending a lot of money on user experience design to ensure that their website offers the best experience. While the investing in user experience design might be perceived to be excessive by some businesses, it brings about a lot of benefits that can help to significantly increase the bottom-line of your business.

Benefits of investing in user experience design

1) Focusing on user experience helps to convert sales by increasing conversion

Before customers purchase a product or service from your online business venture, they must first interact with your website. Since most people are looking for a solution to a problem they have, the first interaction they have with your website will greatly influence their buying decision. If the customers are satisfied with your website, there is a high chance that they will proceed to the next step – purchase. However, a visitor who is frustrated with your website will most likely go back and search for another business offering similar services. User experience design is thus an important aspect of the website, which can help to increase the conversion rate of your website visitors, leading to more sales.

2) UX design helps to improve brand perception and loyalty

Brand perception refers to how people view your brand, which is very important in the world of online marketing. Customers who consider your brand to be reliable are more likely to buy from you, while those who view your brand to be unreliable will shun it for your competitors. User experience design focuses on designing your website in a way that will be favorable and pleasing to the visitors. This helps to improve the perception of your brand, which in turn, fosters customer loyalty.

3) Designing for User Experience improves search engine rankings of your business

Major search engines are dedicated to improving the services they provide to internet users by only displaying the best websites on their search query results. Therefore, having a great user experience will help your website to be ranked highly in search engine. This will in turn help to increase your online visibility and increase the number of visitors coming to your website. More visitors to your website will mean more traffic to convert, which will be very easy if your website is user friendly.

4) User experience design helps you to come up with effective online marketing campaigns

If you opt for user experience design when building your website, you must conduct an in depth research on your target market. Such a research will gather important demographic and psychographic information about your customers, which can be used to fine-tune your marketing campaigns. This will make sure that your campaigns are more effective in targeting your market, which can significantly increase your sales.

5) A good user experience designer will help reduce development costs

As already mentioned, user experience requires you to conduct an in depth research of your target market before you start building your website. This helps you to learn what your potential customers like and don’t like. With this information, you can be able to build a personalized website for your visitors, which will require very few design changes in the future. You thus end up saving a lot of money in the design and development of your online brand.

6) A website with good user experience persuades users to trust it

If you want the conversion rate of your website traffic to be high, your visitors must be able to trust the web pages of your website that they land on. User experience design helps to humanize your website by focusing on important features of a website such as informative About page, contact information for the business, and testimonials. This makes it easy for the user to interact with your online brand, which helps your business to get rid of skepticism that is common with most internet users and therefore, gain their trust. With the users’ trust, you can be able to sell them on your products and services and convince them to make a purchase.

7) Improving user experience helps to improve user navigation

Navigation refers to how users who visit your website move from one web page to the other in order to find what they are looking for. It is an important component of your online brand, which can have a huge impact on your website’s conversion rates. According to several studies that have been conducted on user experience, websites that have a user-friendly navigation tend to have high conversion rates. This is because a user-friendly navigation makes it easy for the users to move from one page to another, and find the products, services, or information they are looking for. This in return makes it easy to convince them to buy your products or services, or to sign up for your newsletters or subscriptions.

User experience design is aimed at making it easy for users to navigate through your website from the moment they are directed from a search engine. This is achieved by having easy-to-use navigation bars, and making sure that the information the users are searching for is easily accessible.

8) Improving your website user experience helps to get rid of friction

When it comes to user experience, friction can be defined as anything that stands in the way of users completing the intended action on your website. If you conduct business online through an eCommerce website, friction will be anything that prevents your users from making a purchase.

User experience design helps to make your website as user-friendly as possible, so that users visiting your website can access information, products, or services. It also aims to minimize the number of web forms, which have been found to be a great conversion killer. In addition, user experience makes it easy for users to navigate through your website and access the shopping cart and checkout systems (in case of an eCommerce website). This ensures that there is nothing standing between the customers and the intended action, which makes it easy for them to make a purchase.


When it comes to business, the customer is the most important aspect. This is especially the case with online businesses, where the perception that customers have towards your brand can make or break you. One of the ways of satisfying your customer is to make sure that your website has a great user experience. This will make it easier for you to convert your web traffic into sales, significantly increasing your business’ revenue.

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