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How you can get more customers with micro-moments

Smartphones have changed how we live, and are changing how businesses interact with their customers. More Google searches are taking place on smartphones devices than on computers globally. The proliferation of smartphones means that customers have the power to address their needs and wants fast and on the go. Google calls these instances micro-moments, when Read more »

What is UX and Why Will It Improve My Conversion Rate?

UX, also known as User experience, can be described as every single thing which happens to the users when they are interacting with your organization or business through your website, software, application or other online communications. It generally includes everything they hear, see, do, and also their emotional reactions. The term “UX or rather, User Read more »

The Importance of User Experience in Mobile Web Design

Tablets and smartphones have completely revolutionized the approach toward user experience and design. Before the entry of mobile devices with advanced browsing capabilities, web designers had only one challenge to deal with, maintaining the same feel and look across different desktop browsers. However, website interaction on tablets and smartphones is different from that of desktop Read more »

Why Investing in UX will Improve your Conversions

User experience (UX) refers to the experience that users get when they interact with a business online through its website. Basically, user experience entails everything that the visitors (users) to your website will see and hear. It also includes the emotional reaction they get when they interact with your website – happy, satisfied, frustrated, etc. Read more »

The benefits of designing for user experience (UX)

Although there has been an increase in User Experience Design in the last few years, many businesses are still not sure as to whether it will actually benefit them. Well, UX is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, pleasure and ease of use in the interaction between the product Read more »