The Importance of User Experience in Mobile Web Design

Tablets and smartphones have completely revolutionized the approach toward user experience and design. Before the entry of mobile devices with advanced browsing capabilities, web designers had only one challenge to deal with, maintaining the same feel and look across different desktop browsers. However, website interaction on tablets and smartphones is different from that of desktop computers or laptops. 

Mobile application development technology is growing at a very fast pace. However, in a market that is largely influenced by performance and quality over brand loyalty. Creating a smooth user experience is a step in the right direction towards the success of mobile applications. User experience refers to methods and approaches applied in the creation of a website that is entirely customized and tailored for a specific target market. 

In the digital landscape, user experience is becoming a very important feature. It is about producing something that is easy, effective, and valuable for your target market. If your website is frustrating or confusing, then it is giving users a poor experience. This might result in it being uninstalled or even abandoned immediately. 

As such, it is important to adopt an approach centered towards the user, when it comes to the development of mobile applications. Great user experience in mobile web design includes useful content, the website should be easy to navigate, your design must be intelligent, and attractive to view. User experience comes with numerous key benefits. Some of them are: 

Loyal user base

Almost every person has come across a mobile platform with lots of errors, bugs, and complexities coupled with unexpected behaviors and frustrating interactions. The truth of the matter is that mobile website that is poorly designed reduces customer loyalty. 

With the increasing competition in mobile application development, users cannot tolerate unstable applications. If the first impression is not attractive, they will tend to search for alternatives. This means that you will not be able to establish a long lasting relationship with users. 

On the other side, a good user experience creates loyalty and customers are able to return which increases engagement. With a useful and engaging platform, a good first impression is created and users feel a sense of value that makes them download your app. 

Reduce support costs

According to Jeffrey, a mobile applications technician, a properly design website can save you time and costs. The cost of making a responsive website might be slightly higher than that of a conventional website. However, the expenses incurred while duplicating a website for mobile users and other devices is eliminated. Total development costs are reduced significantly. 

On top of that, a mobile website with great user experience reduces total ownership costs. The effort required for the maintenance of different versions, that is desktop and mobile are taken away. In the end, creating a mobile web design with great user experience is a smart decision. 

Increased customer satisfaction

One of the main aspects of running a successful business is ensuring customer satisfaction. Success, irrespective of the industry is always assessed through the amount of satisfied clients. The better the user experience, the more satisfied clients you will have and retain. According to eConsultancy, 88% are unlikely to return to a site after bad user experience. 

On the contrary, bad customer experience results in lack of satisfaction and poor customer retention. If your customers face poor experience, they will get frustrated. Chances are very rare that your product will be recommended to their friends. 

The most probable reason why users might uninstall your application is poor user experience. This includes slow responsiveness, heavy batter usage and too many ads, among others. If an website cannot create a first impression that is positive, then users will get frustrated and abandon it. 

Increase sales

A well-designed mobile application will result to higher traffic, increased transactions, and more conversations around it. These apps have the power to attract and retain more clients who will purchase more products and leaving positive feedback. Happy clients always spread the message to their families and friends. If your website fails to meet the expectations of users, they will not share it. They will also review your mobile application online leaving negative feedback. If the feedback is negative, other users will be deterred from downloading your application. 

Provision of great user experience promotes positive messages thus increasing sales. It also results to customer satisfaction, loyalty and more repeat business. Mobile applications that are designed through a user-centered approach minimize the amount of bugs to be fixed and less maintenance needs. 

You stay ahead of the competition

Standing out in a crowd of more than one million people is not an easy achievement. By July 2015, there were more than 1.6 million android applications for users to choose. The second largest store is Apple, which had more than 1.5 million apps on the market. It is vital that your website is able to weather competition and stand out from the rest. 

There are several tricks you can apply to ensure your website is noticeable. Although discoverability and content are the most probable metrics for measuring success, great user experience enables users to consume the product on offer through their mobile device. This implies that the priority should be ensuring that it provides a great user experience, before anything else. Users tend to favor applications that give them what they require. 


The effectiveness of an online mobile platform is entirely dependent on one major factor, user experience. This means that it should conform to your overall digital strategy. More importantly, the content and functionality delivered on your mobile application must provide what your target audience wants. 

Regardless of the purpose or function of your app, the final product must provide a unique and superior user experience. If you cannot be able to provide a website with quality mobile experience, then you are on the path of destroying your reputation. Therefore, it is your responsibility to come up with a mobile web design that increases the usability of your website. 

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